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Extended subbie! / Kiriban / Photography contest

Journal Entry: Sun Jan 22, 2012, 8:23 AM

:star: One day I came up to my profile page just to see that I now have a 12 month premium membership!!! :faint: It was given to me by the kind ozonablue, the good fairy of deviantart! :) I really am speechless, so I'm not going to ramble too much... I just want you to know that I'm very very very happy about it and that I plan to use all of the possibilities that the premium membership offers! Thank you so much! :heart:

:star: Now, apart from being just a good fairy, he also is a great photographer:

If you like what you see, please visit his gallery and show some support! :heart:

Thank you once again! :thanks:


Anyone who catches my 23.000th pageview will get three pieces from their gallery featured in my next journal!
Just send me the print screen in a note. :)

:star: Now... like I said... I'm going to take advantage of the posibilities that the subbie offers, so... I'm going to hold another competition! :) The theme would be spring photography and I'm thinking that it would be open all March, like from the 1st to the 31st. I have a whole month to think about the details of it, how many entries per person, category, judges and other rules.

:star: But I need help! I've got a problem: I need prizes! All that I can offer is: journal feature, profile page feature, llamas and... that's it! :( That's why I't writing about this so early, so that people can think about if they would be willing to give prizes for the winners...

Thank you in advance for reading this, and please consider donating! Anything is okay, llamas, features, points, commisions, subscriptions... anything you can help with. :)

And now, the feature:

sunset silhouette II by ozonablue Heritage Landing by ozonablue .: Koi carp Pond :. by Frank-Beer Fight for your Dreams by DeadLulu Duong Quoc Dinh by duongquocdinh Prosper by Bucikah Strawberry milkshake by Bucikah The Last Unicorn by ArdenEllenNixon Sunrise. by benialicious hello little spider by kyokosphotos Jugglin' Act by Cluke111 Stillness by moisEdy - Behind the Trees - by ldinami7e light 3 by MadManTnT Day Twelve: Frost Morning by Kaz-D Orbit by Kaz-D Repetition by thrumyeye Tea Time by CrystalBroussard Where do I go? by LeFilRouge :thumb279566483: Bliss. by Alt-Beauty Pasque flowers by Ann-MarieLoponen :thumb275719671: London is red VI by OpenRomain consider by arslanalp :thumb273422172: Silenced by Deadly-Creative Strike a Pose by Kaatman Fire 3 by Pinih simple 2 by elthudor mirrors by 14th-division Helping Out by tanikel A Thousand Years by faintsmile28 Confundo by 13thMurder Boat Harbour 8 by robertvine Apache vision by DuarteFotografiach Autumn tree by NickKoutoulas Burial at Sea by swiftgmoon Dance Fly by Alliec Cold winters by lica20 Summer 2011 by lica20 Summer Sunrise. by lica20 Autumn morning. by lica20

:camera: Self promotion:

P.S. School started so I'm very busy right now... I've got to study and also finish our school's magazine design and then study English for the Cambridge exam I want to take... I'll probably come around to submit and fave, but I'll not reply immediately. I'll be around here more on the weekends.


Miha :heart:

Click here for the cutest white kitten! :heart:
Y U NO donate me :points:?!!?!!?...ლ(ಠ益ಠლ)

New macro lens!

Journal Entry: Mon Jan 9, 2012, 4:57 AM

On Saturday, the 7th of January, happened something that 3 years ago I only could have dreamed about! I bought myself a new lens, the Canon EF 100mm f/2.8 Macro USM! I can't say how happy I am about this! It is a great lens, much sharper than the 18-55mm I've worked with before, and the depth of field makes me want to scream! :D :excited:

I know I said I was going to post a journal last week too but I was so caught up doing research on what lens was the most suitable for me. I'm even more happy since I found it at a good price. :D I guess you can expect new deviations from me soon! :D

Have a great day and week and enjoy the feature below!


Treasures by FrosinaIlievska Abstractness in nature by PixelBalance A warm place by Dullface Xx by Dullface Graffiti by Photopathica Agathia Peak by TonyLeBastard coffee anyone? by blondepassion lovely noses by blondepassion family generations by kwha Mocha Anyone? by TeaPhotography Explosion in the Sky by nuic Only One by nuic Just in time by AnaRosaPhotography :thumb273101946: I travel the World and the Seven Seas. by JoanaSorino Celestial by michaelanderson .Warm. by cichutko Is fine by Informel thoughts on fire by phillippaulv Settings by geonebieridze December VIII by y5y6 contrast  morning Pu-Pu by sarikreal :thumb273861696:

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Subbie + New lens + Feature

Journal Entry: Thu Dec 29, 2011, 3:34 PM


Hello there, world! Look who's got a subbie! :dummy: Dear thedaydreaminggirl gave it to me! So I'm going to take this chance to write a new journal entry, haven't done it in ages! :D

No, I'm not dead. I've been around here recently, wanted to come back and catch up with everything new. At first I was like "OMG, dafuq is dis??". :laughing: But I got used. I've checked my deviations, uploaded some new, cleaned up my gallery a bit and my page, got through all my messages.

I am going to do a journal feature every week for 4 weeks, as long as my premium subbie lasts. So if you want to see your photo here, leave a comment bellow with the link and I might feature it! :dance: Also, on my page, down right, I am going to choose and post a photo that will be displayed there for 2 days.

I have enabled critique on some of my latest deviations. I'm open and await constructive criticism! It doesn't have to be a critique, you can also write me comments! I love comments! Please tell me how you feel about my photos!

If you like what I do, check out my facebook page here and my blog. :heart:


Dear watchers, I hope you had a wonderful Christmas! :iconsantalaplz: I had one, everything was very good, except for the weather: no snow! :( I haven't seen a Christmas without snow before, so this was a bit sad... But the presents and the atmosphere were great! :D I'm still hoping we'll have some snow in january-february. How was your Christmas?

Because it is almost the end of another year, I like thinking back to see what I have accomplished this year. 2011 was a great year for me, I think I have improved my photography and mostly my editing skill! I had my first real commisioned shoot for the 8th graders' party, I've done well in school, had a fun summer vacation. Now I'm in the 11th grade, which means that I only have one (except this) highschool year left! It's a bit scary when you think about it, especially when I haven't decided what I'm going to study afterwards!!! So school went great until now... I also am the designer of our school's magazine and I'm more and more into web design... I've designed this site for our school's magazine, 'cause I wanted to practice. My relationship is also working very good, I have now been together with my boyfriend for over 3 years... :D And I am looking forward to the new year!
I'm starting to write down my resolution's list for 2012. :D Do you have one of these? What are your New Year's resolutions? I've got a lot of plans for next year... there are many stuff I want to study harder, not for school but for me, like web design and, of course, photography and I want to take the Cambridge exam for advanced English. :D I also wish to start doing accesories out of polymer clay. :meow:

One of the things I want to do in 2012 in january is buy a new lens! :D I need your help here, fellow deviants. Can you please suggest something to me? I need a lens good for macro and also portraiture, that gives a nice blurry background and sharp details and not very expensive. I've got about 700$ available to spend on this, or 550 EUros. Can you recommend me something? Note that in Romania these are a bit more expensive than in the US. What I want to use it for is: portraiture, plants and insects, object close-ups and stuff like that. I'm thinking about a Sigma 105mm or a Canon 60mm? I'm using a Canon EOS 500D.


Until next week I hope you all have a great New Year's party! Happy new year everyone! :blowkiss: Now, let the awesomeness begin! :meow:

Mountain Silhouette by Phoenixstamatis :thumb264650337: fresh. by girlmarvel Pine fresh by siddhartha19 :thumb274208247: autumn angel by belovaan A Girl and Her Horse V by PaytonAdams1 :thumb275611146: Day 342 by FramedByNature Up by cherrilady This Summer by Kaz-D A Glass of Summer by Kaz-D December Crystals by FramedByNature Sweet Insomnia by TamaraWill Winter Comes by famousright bokeh morning. by magnesina sugar glider 4 by Cvet04ek Hummbuzz by saperlipop True Love by saperlipop Silhouettes by the sea by thedaydreaminggirl Paris I love you by thedaydreaminggirl Soulfood by thedaydreaminggirl Paris is calling by thedaydreaminggirl Combe Gibbet by Kaz-D by the window by belovaan

Pleaseeeee, please please please give me advice regarding the macro lens!

Miha :heart:

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I'm here again

Journal Entry: Mon Apr 11, 2011, 11:59 AM

:bulletgreen: OMG! I did it again! Again I said, and actually promised that I shall write a new journal entry... but I didn't. AGAIN. My last journal entry was about me needing some help in a photo competition, forget about it, it is over and I didn't win a thing (one who obviously cheated did win but nevermind).

:bulletgreen: Many things went on in my life, I changed, I improved, I grew up, but I'm not going to write stuff about my personal life here just because nobody cares. The main reason why I haven't been much around here, besides school and dealing with the real life, is that I've been feeling that nothing that I do is "for dA". I've reviewed my gallery and I see nothing there. Nothing special. That's the main reason for not uploading anything for a BIG while. But, in the meantime I updated my photography blog ( and I also upload photos on my facebook page (here, mainly because it's easier to do it and the standards are obviously not that high.

:bulletgreen: Another reason for me not signing in so often is that, when I browse through your deviations, I want to do it with time, because I need time to completely savour each of it. I most probably won't be much around here until the 15th of June or so, when I get vacation. Maybe I won't upload as often, but I will come to watch, fave and sometimes comment (I'm the fave and run type). I get inspiration from here.

:bulletgreen: Trough this journal entry, I want to apologise to those who probably awaited an answer from me, to those who faved my photos, to those who commented, to those who wished me a happy birthday, to those who featured my deviations, and last but not least, to dear Kaz-D and saperlipop who have kindly given me premium memberships without anything in return! :) I don't know how to thank you, but I can assure you that you made my days. Thank you again!
I've got to little 'something's for you two. :) This one: Spring is here 2 by colorful-child goes to saperlipop and this one Spring is here by colorful-child to Kaz-D. :)

:bulletgreen: I have some features to do, I am sorry I haven't done them earlier.
I need to feature the winners of the "You and your cat" contest held by :iconcatsfans: last year... and here they are:
:bulletred: first place: jusabi with Creepy friends by jusabi :clap:
:bulletred: second place: robkit with Kit and Cat. by robkit :clap:
:bulletred: third place: psyco-ayu with Me and My Kitty by psyco-ayu :clap:
:bulletred: honorable mention: TwigsCorner with :thumb176219363: :clap:
And also the winners of the "Cat's contest" held by DeadLulu. They are:
:bulletred: first place: susiscar with cat 1 by susiscar :clap:
:bulletred: second place: eehlease with Sweet Dreams by eehlease :clap:
:bulletred: third place: Patchco with M'as-tu-vu by Patchco
:bulletred: honorable mentions: 0----me----0, Shinobinaku and moroka323 with :thumb167182620:, Five Lives Left by Shinobinaku and +Portrait of a Cat+ by moroka323.
Congratulations to you all and sorry I am so very late!

:bulletgreen: I have also promised to feature 5 deviations from the gallery of the one who gives me my 500th llama and Twins72 gave it to me! So here is the feature:
my wooden stick by Twins72 cutie little by Twins72 snoopy by Twins72 mom and baby by Twins72 Stock_38 by Twins72

:bulletred:Don't forget, I've got a photography blog where I post more photos (I've got cats there too :meow:) and you can also add me on my facebook page here, just remember to say that you know me from deviantart 'cause otherwise I may reject your request.

:bulletred: Does anyone know if you can change your username? If yes, how.

:bulletred: I shall write again... soon enough. :) Until then, I wish you all a Happy Easter, a happy year filled with succes and a happy life full of ice cream! :drool: And thanks again!

Striped by DREAMCA7CHER 1654 by pr13s7 Holy Cow by geckokid felinae by meyrembulucek 3446 by aleksandra88 A Stranger by MurphyL6 A Bit of Light Reading by DistantTree First Day of Spring  II by ryazaku Maple Bokeh by ILTBY Jar by nonikovacs Black Kitty... by sergey1984

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Calling all photographers and models

Journal Entry: Sat Feb 5, 2011, 3:09 PM

...but not only. Calling all deviants!

Hi everyone! You can hear from me some more! After a long long time... This is just a pre-journal entry, I'm going to write one in about 15 hours because it's 1:05 AM here. I've started going through my deviations and my messages but I might get a bit later to all of you cause it's something that takes time.

I need a little help from you. It's something that takes aproximately 10 seconds to do. I am going to write in the next journal.m

I'm sorry I have been away for so long but I have just felt like nothing I do is good enough.

Bye for now!

Kisses and hugs, Miha.

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Won 2nd place!!!/Stamp/Feature

Journal Entry: Thu Aug 26, 2010, 2:37 PM

Hi! Long time, no... journal! That's because I don't really like writing... At least now I have something to share with you!

Firstly, most important to me, I won second place in WorldWar-Tori's Animal Photography contest!!! :boogie: It's the first time I ever win some photography contest and I'm very happy! :) I won it with this piece:


And the other winners are:

1st place:
:iconlpdragonfly: with siesta by lpdragonfly

3rd place:
:iconladycarnal: with Beee by LadyCarnal

And the wild section..:

1st place:
:iconshadow-and-flame-86: with In a dark place by Shadow-and-Flame-86

2nd place:
:iconajdev: with Rarely Forget Such Beauty by AjDev

3rd place:
:iconk-a-d-a-t-h: with swans by k-a-d-a-t-h

I now have a support stamp! wisekidk made it for me for 15 points! :) You can use it in your journal or anywhere on you're page if you like my photography and want to show some support (but you can only use it if you are a premium member)! If you want one too, just send wisekidk a note. :)

~ Colorful Child Support by wisekidk ~

A white kitten pressing the shutter button. :meow: I think it suits me perfectly, dont'you think? :meow:

I have seen that the deviations with the most faves from my gallery are kitty photos. I know, they're cute, but are you watching me only for them? Here are some of my "not-so-faved" non-kitty deviations. Please take a look at them if you have some time, I really would like to know what you think about them. :)


The winners of the What I Do contest held by Caity-Kitten are:

1st place:
:iconcornelmosneag: with making of by CornelMosneag

2nd place:
:iconvegiepire: with :thumb170048489:

3rd place
:iconbrammoolenaar: with Not Everybody Will Understand by brammoolenaar

Congratulations to all of you! :clap:


Looks like nobody caught my 15k pageview so no feature... But check this out! I'm doing a quick MINI GAME!!! Right now I have 489 llama badges. Whoever gives me the 500th llama badge, the first ninja llama, will get 5 deviations from their gallery featured in my next journal! Be quick, there are only 11 llamas to go! P.S. I give llamas back! You can still give me llamas even after the 500th has been given. ;) :)

Colorful Child Support by wisekidkColorful Child Support by wisekidkColorful Child Support by wisekidkColorful Child Support by wisekidk
You have almost scrolled down to the FEATURE section, but until then...

My Facebook.
My Photography blog.

Aaaaaand don't forget myy... staaaamp!

P.S. I'm leaving for a week to Hajduszoboslo in vacation and I'm not sure I'll have internet acces so I woun't be able to reply to your messages...

Colorful Child Support by wisekidkColorful Child Support by wisekidkColorful Child Support by wisekidkColorful Child Support by wisekidk


Enjoy Your cigarette by hubetek The bridge by hubetek Sunflower drops by hubetek Time Traveler by EyeDance peace by 6-Nedward battleships by chpsauce hey charly by fraeuleinamok Final Season 2 by yv Zagreb Train Station by rovokop apus by denny50cent Sparrow-Bird by bleu3t Hugo by ClaireCollyer Rarely Forget Such Beauty by AjDev PURE by malmu Far away across the fields by LadyCarnal ...K... by Elegance85 The Call by Nelleke Baby Hedgie by DeniseSoden Time Ravages by astra888 Kiss in the Fading Sun by DTortie Old lady by BetaAquilae shadow and wind by joshuasexton Intimidation by dalantech :thumb130624646: Valentines 2009 by Sythgara

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NEWS and stuff...

Journal Entry: Mon Jul 12, 2010, 3:53 PM


Hello! :) It's been such a long time since I wrote my last journal! But now I thought it was time for an update, especially that I'll be away for 10 days! I'm leaving this wednesday at 4 P.M. at the seaside to Costinesti. :) It's going to be the first trip with my new camera, I hope I'll take some good photos. :dance: I will reply to all my messages and comments when I come back. :)

So what happened since my last journal...
:bulletred:I never saw Alice in Wonderland... My uncle who was supposed to take us there felt very bad that they so we canceled the mini-trip.
:bulletred:I didn't read ANY books... I always find something else to do.
:bulletred:I did organize the photoshoot with Daniela. :)


The winners of the Spring Cats contest held by CatsFans areee... :winner:

:bulletred:1st place:
:iconmarkie2k: with Flora n Fauna by markie2k

:bulletred:2nd place:
:iconyumizu-chan: with Haru by Yumizu-Chan

:bulletred:3rd place:
:iconhelewidis: with 44kittens - Spring has sprung by Helewidis


Please, check this out:

I have seen this before somewhere, but I didn't know where, the I remembered that on youtube. Please go and watch this video here… , it's with :iconoriontrail:'s wonderful black&white photography. It's simply wonderful. :heart: And the music also... Please watch it, then take a look at oriontrail's gallery.

If you are feeling generous or you have some spare points, don't forget to donate! This time the points are not for me (not all :giggle:). If you are interested take a look on my profile. :)


FEATURE - a collection of some of my latest wonderful faves :)

old story by AlicjaRodzik :thumb161488068: :thumb162572592: :thumb159785309: Mommy... by hoschie FuRiA by lectral Chess Stress by DrewHopper Sunset swing by ketsurakuame Those Sad Puppy Eyes by kkart In Transit 2 by Timothy-Sim old memory. by escaped-emotions ..Rose.. by CozyComfyCouch Rose by nhuthanh :thumb161384162: Entwined by Aerten 4 tulips by giedriusvarnas lollipops by CarrotStalker :thumb160907984: :thumb164792657: Offering by Stridsberg Alone by eyedesign Day 154. by messofmemoriesxX the perfect jump. by minaohdate24 :thumb141445581: Lunch - on the fly by teslaextreme i want playing by KalbiCamdan Every little drop . . by Al-Joud your delicate ways II by illusionality Lost In The City by andreapun These Days. by Dastorm-Photography :thumb133205547: the hiding place by aimeelikestotakepics memories by rainb0wpiecess secret garden II by rainb0wpiecess Static by sleephead Kitten no. 1 by Mischi3vo Deweye by Nitrok Blow me away II by moijra Pink Panthers walk into sunset by Michelle-Fennel The Day We Met Again by Kaz-D .:Douceur:. by Frank-Beer these places feel like home by Holunder Here comes the summer by Holunder For cats by KatyBerry L by DREAMCA7CHER chilling by bigcbigc Cream and Sugar by DistantTree in her room II by do0dz freeeee by elliemoo Cute Kitten VII by Yumizu-Chan Cute Kitten III by Yumizu-Chan catcher in the rye I by twisted3mind before the worst by SabrinaCichy Stairway to Heaven by kosta194 Antique Gas Pump HDR by Witch-Dr-Tim Affection by ALBITAR :thumb165696000: :thumb155937962: When the rain had gone.. by Kaz-D YMCA by Sblourg Mezzo Forte by Sblourg La Parade by Sblourg ... shattered III ... by jsz Ant with a Honey Drop by Alliec Room with a View by dalantech fresh grape juice by nakitez :thumb167518144: Gaga efect by AnitaSadowska :thumb169978333: yashica rain by brokenbackbonez

Don't forget about my kiriban! Bye for now! :blowkiss:

And please also check out some of my latest deviations. :)

My cool new red glasses by colorful-child I miss you... by colorful-child Summer feeling by colorful-child Chibbols by colorful-child I rode the bike today... by colorful-child Float by colorful-child La tara by colorful-child Soft by colorful-child

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Stuff.../Catch my 15k!/New subbie/Feature

Journal Entry: Thu May 20, 2010, 5:38 AM

:icontransparentplz::bulletred:OMG I'm finnaly done with all my written examinations aaaand I took a ten at all of them (that means an A)! :boogie: Buuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuut... I still need some grades at biology (this teacher is killing me :P) and chemistry... and physics... and... But that's not such a big deal :P. So my summer vacation should begin in 3 weeks but UNFORTUNATELTY it will begin in one... Yes, unfortunately, cause we wouldn't have done much in the last 2 weeks and now they're only going to take 2 weeks from our vacation and we shall start school again on the 1st of September... :( Anyway I'm not going to be here 'cause I'm going on vacation in Hajduszoboslo(Hungary). :drool: :excited: But I'm happy this vacation is coming fast 'cause I'll get to spend much more time with my boyfriend! :dance: This year has been exhausting... OH NOEZ :noes: now I realise that on our anniversary (2 years) I will be in Hajduszoboslo. :noes:...
:icontransparentplz::bulletred:But until my summer vacation... :D I'm going this sunday to see Alice in Wonderland 3D. :heart: Maybe I'll get some ideas for the contest too... :giggle:
:icontransparentplz::bulletred:Some other stuff I'm planning next week: a photoshoot with a colleague and friend of mine called Daniela. :heart: We shall be shooting something for a photography contest that will be held in my school. I'm only telling you that the title for the photo should be Love Story and that it has to do something with hobbies. :D I hope that everything will turn out exactly as I'm planning it. :D
:icontransparentplz::bulletred:I'm planning to read so many books this vacation. :woohoo:
:icontransparentplz::bulletred:I had to give away to a new home two of my kittens. :(

:icontransparentplz::bulletred:Soo... You may be wondering why do I still use a Journal skin? :D It's again because of the AMAZING saperlipop and Kaz-D!!!! They have both donated me again a three month subscription each! Thank you very much to both of you! :woohoo: :thanks: :iconsaperlipop::iconkaz-d:
Strangers Who Once KissedSix months ago I didn't think that I would be crossing the street just to avoid asking 'How are you?'
Two years ago, I knew with such innocent clarity that never a day would go by that your name wouldn't cross my lips.
But the unthinkable has come to pass, and I see you hurrying down the sun dappled avenue, towards the tube station where you will be lost forever, and I turn the other way.
You've seen me.
Of course you have seen me.
Our eyes have met across tumbling leaves and autumn chills, we have paused, locked, the wind tugging at our coats trying to make us turn away.
And I do
I can see in your disappointed face that I have turned my eyes away from you, the whites of them sparking with recognition, but the centre, the bit that matters, flickers away in deliberate ignorance. The world has slowed around us whilst we pause, but as I offer you my shoulder reality catches up with us. A shoulder that was never before turned coldly to
An Afternoon at the Beach by saperlipop
:icontransparentplz::bulletred:I've started suggesting DDs. :D

:icontransparentplz::bulletred:MINI CONTEST - catch my 15k pageview, printscreen it, upload it on dA and send me the link, and you will get 10 deviations featured in my journal! :)
:icontransparentplz::bulletred:I'm thinking of holding again a contest in June-July, but I i'm not sure about the theme. :D Please suggest me some. :heart:

If you are feeling generous or you have some spare points, don't forget to donate! This time the points are not for me (not all :giggle:). If you are interested take a look on my profile. :)

:icontransparentplz:FEATUREE :)
Follow me by LynneElvine Way up by lieveheersbeestje Dream a little Dream II by FeliDae84 . cat . by sabbbriCA :thumb142936948: Ceahlau 14 by YingSiYang The evening. by shiaxxx Sightseeing by aMy05 Cat with Chucks 2 by Yumizu-Chan White by DREAMCA7CHER Ant World by DREAMCA7CHER Dented Wheel by cadydid Trap by FlorentCourty on the top of grassy world by Powerpiill autumn is comiiiing by Megson higher and higher by Megson come closer by Megson my country and the story ii by warnaiman The Green by Jockekim Looking into the abyss by WojciechDziadosz Let Them Eat Cake by IIMadhoshiII Like Mother Like Daughter by Steffieheart Boat by tjuh My Heart Belongs In France by pinkparis1233 Tea Time by pinkparis1233

Miha :heart:

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End of subscription!/Thanks!

Journal Entry: Mon May 10, 2010, 8:21 AM

Oh my! My subscription is ending tommorow!!! :O Oh noes! :noes: :( I'll be missing you... :giggle:

:icontransparentplz::bulletred:Soooo.... Just to let you know, I've started a donation pool on my page. I'm raising points to buy myself a new subbie. If you like my work and maybe you're feeling generous I invite you to donate some points. :giggle:

:icontransparentplz::icontransparentplz:<img src="…"  alt="Fight World Hunger" /> :icontransparentplz: :icontransparentplz::icontransparentplz::icontransparentplz: Help end world thirst

Another artist I'd like to thank to is Depplain-Graphix. :icondepplain-graphix:

She featured me as the Deviant of the day on 18th of April! Thank you so so much! I'm honoured!

This is what I like most from her gallery:
Decidophobia by Depplain-Graphix Ignite by Depplain-Graphix Hidden Treasures by Depplain-Graphix Realm Breach by Depplain-Graphix

:icontransparentplz::bulletred:I would also like to thank all of you that faved, commented and watched! I will respond to all of your comments, I will read all of my messages, but not right now. I'll do that in June. It's a difficult time for me now, with many tests coming and I still have 2 written examinations left to give so I have to study a lot. So... until June, enjoy this FEATURE! And don't forget to give me llamas! (and maybe donate some points) :giggle:


:thumb163577222: Morning Beauty by Holunder disappearance by Holunder Freedom by Holunder Fun by Holunder I Love Vintage by Holunder Magical Place by Holunder ... by Holunder I believe in angel by Holunder Tell me something by Holunder Dreaming my dreams by Holunder Into dust by Holunder :thumb153950926: Blow a kiss by Soyismyhomeboy pretend I'm worth by theluckynine Lovely rose. by addy-ack week thirty three by Rona-Keller week seven by Rona-Keller I called mister spring today. by Rona-Keller week eighteen by Rona-Keller week sixteen by Rona-Keller rain is the newest fashion by Rona-Keller the creation of something epic by Rona-Keller 8533 Miles From You by C4M30

P.S. Check out this group! :iconsubscription-center:

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Canon EOS 500D! / It's all about llamas!

Journal Entry: Sun Apr 11, 2010, 9:40 AM

Yeepee!!! It's hereeee! My Canon EOS 500D!!! I ordered it from on monday and it arrived on wednesday. It came with the 18-55mm IS lens, a Tamrac and an 8GB SDHC card, so I was able to start shooting right away. :D I totally loooove it! :love: :heart::heart:

Here are some photos I shot with it:
Stopp it plzz by colorful-child Spring by colorful-child Cuteness by colorful-child Tasha by colorful-child

For more photos, watch my blog:
I've also got more kitty pictures there. :giggle:

I would like to thank each of you who favourited these. :iconcocoloveplz: I didn't expect so many faves! :giggle:

Some of my photos will be displayed in my highschool next week, have to decide which of them I shall pick. :excited:

It's all about LLAMAS!!!
I want llamas plzzzz!!! :heart: GIMME LLAMAS!!!

If you give me llamas you will get one back! :)

:bulletred:Hey, did you hear the llama song? :D Here it is:…;!


dear tonight i call your name by lichtfaengerin lost soul. by lichtfaengerin

Check out this group! :iconsubscription-center:

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Feature :)

Journal Entry: Fri Mar 19, 2010, 7:59 AM

A small feature with some of my latest faves... :)

Rubikolour by roxagrama Svennebanan by Dullface late bloom by ladyrapid Nom by Soyismyhomeboy Gladiatorial Sunrise by avalonmoon13 Fight Club. by me-withoutyou Daisy. by me-withoutyou Autumn. by towardsthelightx3 ..::Pure morning::.. by Whimsical-Dreams A penny for your thoughts by prep-phrase fishers III by arslanalp :thumb145270196: The Present by jane-art red trip by perhydrol Packed and ready by Alyz You gonna be a Star by jane-art remember me V by devllaa One Step Closer by soulofautumn87 In Expectation Of Spring by soulofautumn87 60 by ayla-es and the storm will end by Piarvi-Recherreen a place where we escape by ntscha Miss you by Jalik-kun Project 52 Week 6 by RiotLife :thumb138832448: :thumb74952434: gift wrapped by rizeljamn35 Just cute by monikha Let me think... by monikha Baby eyes by monikha My favorite model by Stridsberg Maternity V by cosfrog Time to Go South by AlinaKurbiel Golden Duck by AlinaKurbiel Shoot to Kill by syncopatedrhythms Mother and Daughter by ivyimagery

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I'm not dead :D + Camera + Feature

Journal Entry: Sun Feb 7, 2010, 4:22 AM

Woah!! I'm so late!!! Ooops.. :D

So... The Best of 2009 competition winners are :D:

Best of 2009: 1000 words. by xXxsoulfulregretsxXx
Runner up: eARTh by PezZcado
Honorable mentions: Summit Ahead by mikechro MASSIVE WAR - AGAINST SAD RIPU by angelmarthy :thumb143458159:

The Most Unusual Entry: Eye Candy by SaraSchool
Honorable mentions: The Selfish Giant by JesusFC Flying umbrellas by Sandrita-87 Close Your Eyes Too by belez

Community Artist Of 2009: CSnyder
:thumb142188933: :thumb125661535:

The Years Most Improved Artist: Swordtemper
Chiffchaff by Swordtemper

Congratulations! :clap: I'm sorry I'm so late!!! :(

Hello everyone! :D

I'm not dead! :D I've just been very very lazy... :blush:
No new photographs... :D
But, I have decided to buy a Canon EOS 500D :la: :excited:!
So, I want to ask you all a favor. :D If you have/have seen and want, can you please give me links to photographs shot with a 500D? :D
Pweease... :iconfishyplz:

I see a lot has happened in my absence.
The winner of Ewa5's pet photography contest has been announced! It's:
:love:Hello there by beregond3019:love:

And the winners of the Moment Contest :D:

1st place:She was here Dad by popoks
2nd place:My Friend Of Misery by me-inside515
3rd place:Age - Love is ageless by Amersill
Most Amazing:Fearless by Katzilla13
Most Creative:A Fine Day to Escape by julium

Congratulations to all of you!!! :clap: :)

love song. by iheartcolours freedom by The-Terminal-Show :thumb146839293: Hopetoun Falls IV by TaGiRoCkS Land of Poppies 3 by diado Ciucas 6453 by spoii The Rural by SvenMueller Lovely Land of Appenzell by ErwinStreit Clocks by GemmaBurden Borkum 2009 1 by Theta-Scorpii Together forever by andreimogan Romania - Dambovicioara by WorldInPictures Simplicity by Rapier1 L T T by thrumyeye :thumb140049496: Borkum 2009 6 by Theta-Scorpii Mind's Treasure by aneresia Fresh autumn morning by Healzo  :thumb135410910: 17. by chpsauce pocket watch by rainb0wpiecess Bianka 3 by dittah :thumb138622692: Good enough to Drink by andyjimmy Seven Over Nine by IngoSchobert Black Jeans by tarahlynn Sunny Chill by leenaraven Love by iKate kittens 2 by seafoodmwg :thumb152524526:

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Christmas! feature!

Journal Entry: Thu Dec 24, 2009, 8:33 AM

:bulletred:There is something special
About this time of year
The Christmas feeling's everywhere

Winter Wonderland VIII by Dominic-vd-Ruit Unique by GildedTiger :icondancingtardplz:

:bulletred:Friends are reunited
One big family
Filled with love to last
Throughout the year

Silence Freeze by Nazareanu Cold winter. by Pringles32 :iconhappydancerplz:

:bulletred:Christmas time
Time to share our love
Come and join
The tidings to the world
Christmas time
The best time of the year
Yes it's Christmas time!

Snow III by Geoffrk WinterTit by thrumyeye :iconikissuplz:

[Backstreet boys - Christmas Time]


Snowflake macro 2 by Soche SnowTit by thrumyeye Sweet winter by thedaydreaminggirl :iconlovesplz: Single by Lylly55 Magic by cadydid I'll be home before christmas by anime-kelsey26 :iconlovesplz:


:bulletred:Have a holly jolly Christmas
It's the best time of the year
Well I don't know if there'll be snow
But have a cup of cheer

Gift by LadyCarnal Ice Queen by made-in-utopia :iconhiskitty:

:bulletred:Have a holly jolly Christmas
And when you walk down the street
Say hello to friends you know
And everyone you meet

:thumb147096955: :iconcrushplz:

:bulletred:Ho ho the mistletoe
Hung where you can see
Somebody waits for you
Kiss her once for me

[Alan Jackson - A holly jolly Christmas]

.: last :. by biszkopciik :thumb146743711: :iconlovehug:


Rudolph the Rednose Robin by thrumyeye Frosty by WaitingForTheWorms Games People Play by vacuumslayer  :thumb140847622: dance by mynameisusefulidiot The jingle hop has begun by EliTheWalrus Winter... by VnOrBeRt :thumb147793310: Starski by parochena When the angels sing by kyokosphotos SnowFox. by thrumyeye Let it snow. by dzika-koala New Year Wallpaper dark by Maarel tiny christmas by TrishaMonsterr :thumb147486097: Merry Christmas by QuiZ04291993 Christmas by kiiw

:bulletred::santa::bulletred::xmas::bulletred::holly::bulletred::rudolph::bulletred::snowflake::bulletred::santa::bulletred::xmas::bulletred::holly::bulletred::rudolph::bulletred::snowflake::bulletred::santa::bulletred::xmas::bulletred::holly::bulletred::rudolph::bulletred::snowflake::bulletred::santa::bulletred:[Christmas Tree][Bullet; Red][Holidays][Bullet; Red]

Merry Christmas to you all!!! [Santa Clause]

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Verry happy birthday!

Sun Dec 20, 2009, 2:12 AM

Thank you very much to all of you who wished me a happy birthday! It really was awesome and very very very happy!!! Thank you! :)
This is what I got from my boyfriend: :D
B-day present from boyfriend by colorful-child

Lovable by colorful-child
This photo of mine has been accepted to two contests :dance: :
1.The contest held by Kaz-D, Best of 2009! For more about this contest click here!
2.The contest held by Ewa5, a pet photography contest. :) Read more about it here!

Christmas feature
I would like to do a feature in my journal and in a news article about Christmas and winter related things. :) If you want, please send me notes with the thumbs of the deviations you want me to feature. I will write the journal most likely on the 23rd or 24th of December.

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Sat Dec 19, 2009, 3:12 AM

Happy birthday to me! :party:

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Sun Dec 13, 2009, 6:52 AM

Hello dear watchers!!! :) Please forgive my lack of activity here, if you want to read forward, you will find out what I have been doing. :dizzy:

Written examination
I have had 4 written examinations, one by maths, one by informatics (computer programming), one by chemistry and one by Romanian, and I had a lot to study for them. That explains my lack of activity here.

Of course, I got great marks at all of them. :D

Birthday. Vacation
My birthday is next week, on the 19th of December (Friday)!!! :eager: Can't wait! :dance:
Well, really, I can wait for my birthday, it's the presents I'm interested in, and the party :woohoo:.

Also, I'm in vacation starting this wednesday :D. For two weeks. So I just might be more active here, 'cause I don't have to go to school. But friends and family come first. :)

It's snowing!
Yesterday I have 'dressed' my house according to the season. :meow: Me, my mom and my boyfriend have put all around my room christmas lights :D :xmas:.
At school we've already made the Christmas tree :D. At home I'll do it on the 24th of December :D.

So, :D I went yesterday evening outside and surprise: it was snowing! For the first time this year, in my town! :heart: And it has been snowing since then :D.
I managed to take this photo :D :
Merry Christmas by colorful-child

Lovable by colorful-child
This photo of mine has been accepted to two contests :dance: :
1.The contest held by Kaz-D, Best of 2009! For more about this contest click here!
2.The contest held by Ewa5, a pet photography contest. :) Read more about it here!

Christmas feature
I would like to do a feature in my journal and in a news article about Christmas and winter related things. :) If you want, please send me notes with the thumbs of the deviations you want me to feature. I will write the journal most likely on the 23rd or 24th of December.

Am I cute? by vi-ol-etTake My Picture by LilyasChristmas by kiiw In Memory by Kaz-DKilling me softly by aMy05Sightseeing by aMy05Cats and kittens no. 3 by ploftdkMerry Doggie Christmas by ahbuYoung Blue Eyes by thrumyeye:thumb144518793::thumb139078013:Husky Puppy 1604 by Sooper-Husky:thumb130823769:: nostalgica : by hellfiredivaWeak, Grow Me Yourself. by wish-and-dream-4ever:thumb120801576:dimineata merelor by dorotheiWhat are u looking at? by FrosinaIlievskaFrom the hill. by FrosinaIlievskaEnd of Sunset near the Lake by frayartStraight by frayartRed Pips ::: PSeries by frayart

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Fri Nov 20, 2009, 4:07 PM

I just found out about an artist here on dA, when I saw his DD, and I have fallen in love with his portraits!!! They're beautiful and most of them have less than 30 faves. :(

Here are a some :D


Did I mention I have a dog? Nope. And didn't upload any photos of him... strange... That's because I can't take him photos because he woun't stand still :(

.................................................GIVE HELP..................................................

Don't forget!

:bulletred:Over 2 million dogs are brutally killed in South Korea every year.
Sign the petition here! They still need 700.000 signatures :(
STOP EATING OUR BEST FRIENDS! Here's a dog feature. :)

:bulletred:FREE RICE!
Free Rice by morowhitewolf
FreeRice has two goals:
1. Provide English vocabulary to everyone for free.
2. Help end world hunger by providing rice to hungry people for free.
For non-subscribed users:

Group Stamp by YourChameleon
The stamp says it all. :heart:


Kaz-D is holding the BEST OF 2009 COMPETITION! To read more about it click here!
Here is an updated prize list!

My newest manip:
Thirsty by colorful-child

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Subbie!/A little help..?/Feature!

Sat Nov 14, 2009, 4:12 AM

Lookie lookie at my page! :wow:
Can you see that tiny writing that says "6 months subscription"? :heart:
I've seen it too. :giggle:
And it is because of 2 wonderful persons, can you guess who???

It's saperlipop again...
And Kaz-D!

Thank you thank you thank you thank you!!! :heart:

...................................[I've got no more words!!!!!!!!]..............................

NEEEEWS!!! :heart: I think I'm going to the New Moon premiere, here in Romania, on the 27th of November!!! Can't wait!!! :woohoo:


I need a little help...

I'm planning on buying a professional camera (and started raising money for it :la:).

What is your oppinion? What is the best camera? :D Should it be a Canon, or Nikon, or what? Why?
If you own a camera, are you pleased with it?

Pleaseeeee, please please tell me what you think! :heart: It's very important to me!

.................................................GIVE HELP..................................................

Don't forget!

:bulletred:Over 2 million dogs are brutally killed in South Korea every year.
Sign the petition here! They still need 700.000 signatures :(
STOP EATING OUR BEST FRIENDS! Here's a dog feature. :)

:bulletred:FREE RICE!
Free Rice by morowhitewolf
FreeRice has two goals:
1. Provide English vocabulary to everyone for free.
2. Help end world hunger by providing rice to hungry people for free.
For non-subscribed users:

Group Stamp by YourChameleon
The stamp says it all. :heart:


Kaz-D is holding the BEST OF 2009 COMPETITION! To read more about it click here!
Here is an updated prize list!
and now, the feature!

:thumb140585499::thumb53554030:amor de familia by felinos-FCjust a walk by piotr-sembereckiHey by BlastOButterLittle Angel by serhatdemirogluZZZzzz by Deimos2:thumb139059309:Here I Am by kyokosphotosKitten of the Castle by thrumyeye:thumb143122299:Caged by Juli-SnowWhiteThe Doll's Theatre by Juli-SnowWhiteWonderland by Juli-SnowWhiteChocolate by Juli-SnowWhiteA Pink Dream by Juli-SnowWhiteSella by JusDeFraise


My newest manip:
Thirsty by colorful-child

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My last feature as a subscriber

Sun Nov 8, 2009, 11:43 AM

Here I am at the end of my subscription :(. So I will make a feature of some of my latest faves (or not the latest :D).

But first of all I'd like to that to two women here on dA that really helped me out many times. :heart:


saperlipop has given me a subscription!!! :love: Go hug her!
She's an amazing photomanipulator! Here are some of her works:
Emerge by saperlipopThe Fairy Frog Prince by saperlipopThe Very Special Cider by saperlipopCool Cat by saperlipopBabe Ahoy by saperlipopThat Old Black Magic by saperlipop
Thank you very much for all the support, for the subscription you have given to me and also for donating prizes to the winners of my conceptual photography contest! Thank you so much! :hug:


Kaz-D featured me in many of her features and helped me out around dA! She also donated prizes for my competition!
She also held many many contests here on dA and it's currently running one right now! It is about BEST OF 2009! For more details click here!
She is also a very good photographer! Here are some of her works:
Some Dogs... by Kaz-DThe ScareCrow by Kaz-DHorizon by Kaz-DHe Chose Her by Kaz-DThe Colours Of Autumn by Kaz-D
Thank you very much Kaz!


Many thanks to all my watchers and favers! :love: I'll be trying to respond to all of you sometimes, but I can't asure you that... And I also have 2000 unchecked deviations :D...

So my days as a subscriber are almost at an end. If anyone would like to kindly give me a subscription it would be very much appreciated! :D

~:heart::bulletpink::heart::bulletpink::heart::bulletpink::heart::bulletpink::heart::bulletpink::heart::bulletpink::heart::bulletpink::heart::bulletpink::heart::bulletpink::heart::bulletpink::heart::bulletpink::heart::bulletpink::heart::bulletpink::heart::bulletpink::heart:[Bullet; Pink][Heart][Bullet; Pink][Heart][Bullet; Pink][Heart][Bullet; Pink][Heart][Bullet; Pink][Heart]~

And now here's the feature!
Love cat ... by HannahChapmanShe got left behind... by Ewa5Giger by Ewa5foggy white October by kyokosphotosPoland no.217 by Sesjuszdaybreak by lpdragonflyYou let me shine by Oer-WoutRest Time by SiromboConnect Yourself by SiromboWrite Your Poem by SiromboBehind This Door... by TasteTheRainbowXDBrothers by TasteTheRainbowXD:thumb117671176:B-b-but I love you by paradethepaperFroggy Afternoon by ilovestrawberries:thumb64258342:Beauty Queen by MeSHa3eLwhats up by MotyPestkittens 3 by seafoodmwgV I G I L A N T by LaReverieChameleon Cat by thrumyeyeTogether through Thick + Thin by PoisonGirl-stssevgiliye veda... by catman-suhaKittens by CroEvaConcert for two by serhatdemirogluDon't Shoot by georgiarose:thumb106741095:Apple by HemligHumla:thumb107478058:Voodoo hug by mario19to love thee by teresa-lynn:thumb138492525::thumb139752460:Announcing Autumn by DianaCretuA Change of Perspective by KaddieeeEthel by StyushNo 5 by Styushturn around by kyokosphotosmy love by kyokosphotosEvil prevails by ideea:thumb72252979:Ladybugs by armeneSLURP. by RossoAlicante

I know, most of them are cats! :D Because I just love them! [Meow :3]

~[Heart][Bullet; Pink][Heart][Bullet; Pink][Heart][Bullet; Pink][Heart][Bullet; Pink][Heart][Bullet; Pink][Heart][Bullet; Pink][Heart][Bullet; Pink][Heart][Bullet; Pink][Heart][Bullet; Pink][Heart][Bullet; Pink][Heart][Bullet; Pink][Heart][Bullet; Pink][Heart][Bullet; Pink][Heart][Bullet; Pink][Heart][Bullet; Pink][Heart][Bullet; Pink][Heart][Bullet; Pink][Heart][Bullet; Pink][Heart][Bullet; Pink][Heart]~

And now, the self promotion part, my latest deviations [Giggle]:

Game by colorful-childHi there flower by colorful-childPerfection by colorful-childAutumn Sunset by colorful-childA drop of red by colorful-child

~[Heart][Bullet; Pink][Heart][Bullet; Pink][Heart][Bullet; Pink][Heart][Bullet; Pink][Heart][Bullet; Pink][Heart][Bullet; Pink][Heart][Bullet; Pink][Heart][Bullet; Pink][Heart][Bullet; Pink][Heart][Bullet; Pink][Heart][Bullet; Pink][Heart][Bullet; Pink][Heart][Bullet; Pink][Heart][Bullet; Pink][Heart][Bullet; Pink][Heart][Bullet; Pink][Heart][Bullet; Pink][Heart][Bullet; Pink][Heart][Bullet; Pink][Heart]~

Bye bye for now! I love you guys! :D


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Feature for the winners!

Sat Oct 24, 2009, 3:37 AM

Everyone, if you like this please fave the news article so that we can all get more exposure!

Congratulations to all of the winners! :clap:

:winner:First place:
loveliness by orchidelutza by :iconorchidelutza:

15 other deviations from her gallery:
Doppelgangers by orchidelutzaaid in the decay by orchidelutzasummer rain by orchidelutzaHeterogeneous by orchidelutzaBarbie, would u like some tea? by orchidelutzatogether we can do more by orchidelutzalady in red by orchidelutzaborn into a light by orchidelutzacollapse by orchidelutzacherry flavor by orchidelutzaheartbeats by orchidelutzaLiquefied sense by orchidelutza:thumb136335889:lilly anne by orchidelutzafur Elise by orchidelutza

:winner:Second place:
like a fairy tale by kishui by :iconkishui:

10 other deviations from her gallery:
Saturday night fever by kishuihere comes the sun by kishui:thumb137681911:burned inside by kishuiI left my heart by kishuidream with me by kishui:thumb135762510:rainbow by kishuilove spoon by kishuiPorque Te Vas by kishui

:winner:Third place:
.My Missing Part by fabriloddo by :iconfabriloddo:

5 other deviations from his gallery:
The Fella Before Christmas by fabriloddoOnce upon a time... by fabriloddoMr.Panda Goes To Paris by fabriloddoBeauty of Nature 014 by fabriloddo.Elegance by fabriloddo


:bulletgreen:Other finalists:
:thumb136862415:The Missing Part by MarusskaLOVE by r-o-x-a-n-a:thumb107474717:


Self promotion:
A drop of red by colorful-childHi by colorful-child

Don't forget to fave the news article if you like it! Thank you!:iconhellothereplz:

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